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As soon as I had seen her, I was lost.

For Beauty's wound is sharper

than any weapon's, and it runs

through the eyes down to the soul.

It is through the eye that love's wound passes,

and I now became a prey to a host of emotions.

                        Clitophon on theia mania,

                        Achilles Tatius:  The Adventures of Leucippe and Clitophon.

            Bow down, archangels, in your dim abode:

            Before you were, or any hearts to beat,

            Weary and kind one lingered by His seat;

            He made the world to be a grassy road

            Before her wandering feet.

                            Yeats: The Rose of the World

                             … unless

            The eyes reappear

            As the perpetual star

            Multifoliate rose

            Of death's twilight kingdom

                             Eliot: The Hollow Men, echoing Dante

            That sacred army, that Christ espoused

            with his blood, displayed itself in the form

            of a white rose, but the Angel other,

            that sees and sings the glory, of him

            who inspires it with love, as it flies,

            and sings the excellence that has made it

            as it is, descended continually into the great flower,

            lovely with so many petals, and climbed again

            to where its love lives ever, like a swarm of bees,

            that now plunges into the flowers, and now returns,

            to where their labour is turned to sweetness.

                        Dante:  The Divine Comedy, Paradiso Canto XXXI

Dante associates Mary, mother of Jesus, with the rose.  The Mystical Rose symbolizes Mary's arcane participation in the Holy Trinity.

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